Still life with ink bottle, jug and cup, oil on panel, 21cm x 19cm, 2021.

White bowl and lemon, oil on canvas, 25.3cm x 25.3cm, 2020. 

Three Pears, oil on panel, 21cm x 19cm, 2020.

Still life study, flowers and fruit, oil on paper, 16cm x 13.5cm, 2020.

Morning Roses, oil on paper, 20cm x 19.3cm, 2020.

Still life with red apples, oranges and flowers, oil on paper, 17.8cm x 17cm, 2020.

Two roses in a glass, oil on paper, 23.5cm x16cm, 2020. 

Still life with orange and pear, oil on panel, x 15cm, 2020.